• Establish a Church Home where all people can Worship God, learn of Him and Grow
    in His Grace
  • Open a Catechism Program that teaches the Foundation Tenets of Faith
  • Develop a Body Ministry that allows the Church to Edify Itself in Love
  • Open a Ministers' Training Program
  • Send/Support Ministers in many countries, especially Mexico, Central/South America
    and Africa
  • Establish Ministries/Churches in many cities in North America
  • Establish an Outreach Ministry that impacts people for Jesus in Nursing Homes,
    Halfway Houses and Prisons
  • Develop a Substance Abuse Deliverance and Rehabilitation Program and Center
  • Develop a Campus Ministry that Impacts Colleges and Universities in the
    surrounding areas
  • Establish a Television and Radio Ministry
  • Develop a "Life Skills" Program that teaches the practical side of Abundant Life
  • Develop a "Work Place Wisdom" Program that teaches Business by the Book
  • Develop a "Millionaire with a Mission" ministry that developes/trains saints for the
    Money Ministry
  • Establish an Education Program from Nursery through High School
  • Establish a "Temple Maintenance" Program and Complex for the Fitness of the Saints
  • Establish a Recreational and Activity Center for the Youth
  • Establish a Vacation Ministry that Empowers saints to see/experience all the
    wonders/splendor of God's Creations
  • ...and more to follow!

Mission Possible
Habakkuk 2:2 - And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make
[it]  plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.