Henani School of Ministerial Training 

Our purpose 

What is Henani? 

Henani (pronounced hee-nay-nee) is a Hebrew term that roughly translates, "Here am I!" It doesn't speak only of the location of the person, but more so of their preparedness. The person who says, "Henani" is stating that they are ready, poised, and prepared to do whatever is asked of them by the person who is calling.

We at Henani School of Ministerial Training (HSOMT) believe that in order for a believer to answer God's Call on their lives properly, each and every person must put aside the necessary time to be properly trained so that they can answer the Lord "Henani! I'm ready, poised, and prepared to do whatever You want me to do!"

HSOMT is committed to training and equipping all those who adhere to biblical principles and doctrines of the Christian faith, who are committed to and/or have a desire to serve the Lord our God at a higher level with a "spirit of excellence."

We at HSOMT believe that we've received a mandate from the Father to prepare faithful people to operate successfully and honorably in ministry. Therefore, we are prepared and committed to aiding and providing those whom we train with all the necessary tools to increase their usability in the Kingdom of God and to answer the call that is on their lives.

If you believe God is calling you to increase your service to Him and His people in ministry,

Apply Today!

Applications Accepted: Through Monday, July 05, 2021

Registration/Orientation: Monday, August 9 - Friday, August 13, 2021

Our Curriculum

HSOMT is a three-year program that employs a four-quarter school year. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon beginning in September and ending in June. 

The curriculum of HSOMT is designed to mold each student into a person fit for the Master's use by providing them with the necessary tools and proper attitude to successfully serve the Lord and His people effectively. The training provided will include both educational and practical instruction that will prove very beneficial in the ministerial opportunities that await the graduate. 

The courses of study include... 

to apply, the applicant must...

Complete the formal applications provided with a current passport photo attached and enclose a $35.00 non-refundable application fee. (No cash accepted - only personal checks, money orders, or banks issued checks will be accepted) 

Attach a copy of or request from his/her high school or higher education transcript to be sent directly to the Admissions Office of HSOMT. 

Distribute three character references to be mailed directly to the Admissions Office of HSOMT in the envelope provided. 

Character references are to be distributed to the following: 

  • A Pastor (if not a WOFSA member) or Staff Minister (if a WOFSA member), 
  • The leader/assistant leader of the auxiliary in which you presently serve faithfully (cannot be the Pastor or Minister listed above), and 
  • A Christian friend 

To request an application...

visit the church office in person or contact the church by phone (210-785-9238) to have one mailed. We at HSOMT look forward to serving you as you learn to serve others better!