A Family That Grows Together

There are so many opportunities to be enlightened and edified through various fellowships at Word of Faith.  Each one is designed to speak to each saint a specific, relevant word that addresses their individual needs while simultaneously providing an opportunity to unite with other believers with like interests in a festive, fun-filled, yet faith-filled atmosphere. 

"Anointed to Prosper" 

(ATP) Business Persons' Fellowship

Every 1st Saturday | 7-9 AM
Description: Christian business persons gather to network & further develop themselves to master the marketplace for God.

"Blessed Women of God"

(BWOG) Women's Fellowship

 Every 2nd Saturday | 9:30 AM | Women's Breakfast Fellowship
Description: Women of all ages maximizing their womanhood for Christ.

"Blessed men of God"

(BMOG) Men's Fellowship

 Every 4th Saturday | 9:30 AM | "Breakfast of Champions"
Description: Men of all ages maximizing their manhood for Christ

"Generation: Anointed & Afire"

(G Dbl A) Young Adults Fellowship

Every 1st Friday | 7 PM
Description: Both married & unmarried saints ages 18-30ish celebrating the awesomeness of being young, brilliant, beautiful, and fired-up for Christ!

"Covenant Partners"

Married Persons' Fellowship

Every 3rd Friday | 7 PM
Description: Marriage enhancement and a fun-filled evening with the wildest wedded people in San Antonio!

"Far Above Rubies" (F.A.R.)

Young Ladies Mentoring Fellowship

Every 3rd Friday | 7 PM
Description: Practical life training for young ladies, ages 12-18.

"age of grace"

(AOG) Mature Adult Fellowship

Every 3rd Saturday | 9:30 am
Description: Come and continue to grow spiritually and experience supportive, fulfilling friendships with other mature saints. 

"Glorified to be uniquely his"

(G'd 2 B) Single/Unmarried Persons' Fellowship

Every 4th Friday | 7:00 pm
Description: Unmarried saints of all ages celebrating being saved, single, and satisfied!

vip transportation ministry

Do you or someone you know want to come to church but doesn't have transportation? 
WOFSA will gladly send a vehicle to your home or apartment complex to bring you to enjoy the service then return you to your home! 

here's what you do...

Step #1: 
  • Call the Church Office at 210.785.9238
Step #2:
  • Tell the Person That You Want to Be Included on the VIP Transportation 
  • If the Answering Machine is Reached, Leave a Message. Provide All the Information Requested in Step #3. You Will Be Placed on the List. (No Confirming Call Will Be Made.) 
Step #3: 
  • Provide the Following Info: 
    • Name 
    • Address (including Zip Code) 
    • Contact & Alternate Contact Phone Number 
    • Number of People to Be Picked Up (Example: 1 Adult & 2 Children) 
    • Service You Desire to Attend 
Step #4: 
  • On the Day of the Service, Be Ready to Receive the call and Be Picked Up 

here's what We'll do...

  •  Send a Vehicle to Pick You Up for the Service Requested.
    • If At a House: In Front of House. 
    • If At an Apartment Complex: At Leasing Office/Visitor Center 
  • Provide a Courtesy Call to Let You Know We're on Our Way. (Approximately 5-10 Minutes Away
  • Bring You Home After Service Ends. (Vehicle Leaves Approximately 15 Minutes After the Close of Service

To get on the list, call by: 

  • Tuesday for Wednesday Service 
  • Wednesday for Thursday Service 
  • Thursday for Friday Evening Fellowships
  • Friday for Saturday Services/Classes 
  • Saturday for Sunday Services 

VIP transportation ministry is available to serve you for the following services, classes & fellowships: 

  • All Sunday Services: 8 am, 11 am & 6 pm 
  • Wednesday Mid-Day Midweek Service
  • Thursday Night Bible Study & Youth Service
  • Saturday Afternoon Service: 4:30 pm 
  • Age of Grace Fellowship
  • Blessed Men of God Breakfast of Champions
  • Blessed Women of God Breakfast Fellowship
  • Covenant Partner's Fellowship
  • Far Above Rubies Fellowship
  • Generation Anointed & Afire Fellowship 
  • Glorified to Be Uniquely His Fellowship 
  • All-Day Membership Classes
  • VBBS Classes